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Questions for Potential Listing Agents

Posted by nimda14 on October 7, 2015
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1. Do you work as a full-time Realtor?
2. In what ways will you encourage other Realtors to show and sell myhome?
3. What can you tell me about the real estate market in this area?
4. What price do you recommend for my home, and what is it based on?
5. What are the average days on the market in my area?
6. What is your list to sales price ratio?
7. What kind of advertising do you do?
8. How often will my home be advertised, and where?
9. How do you attract buyers from outside the local area?
10. How often will my home be advertised, and where?
11. Do you have a system to follow-up with other agents and brokers so that we get valuable feedback after every showing?
12.How often, and in what way will I be kept informed?
13.Are you associated with a national referral network that refers their buyers to you?
14. Do you have a Team to help with the details, or are you a one man/woman show and do it all yourself?
15. Do you have a way to market my home through the Internet or Virtual Tours?
16.Do you have a Specific Marketing Plan designed to sell my property quickly and for top dollar? How does it go beyond placing a sign in my yard, an ad in the paper, and notifying the Multiple Listing Service?